Buying Process
The process of buying a business can be stressful, particularly for the
first time buyer. We advise our buyers to concentrate on three primary
objectives designed to satisfy their business needs as below;
  • Geographic location,
  • Investment capital,
  • Business income.

Deciding on the geographic area to locate is extremely important when
choosing a business.  Some buyers are quite flexible and willing to move
where there is a suitable business.  Whereas, others are well established in
an area with, their families, and want to buy a business within commuting
distance.  Once the buyer has determined the geographic area that best
suits his needs, it is the responsibility of our associates to narrow the

The second most important criterion is deterring the working capital /
investment necessary to acquire the business.  This information helps us to
guide buyers towards businesses within their means to achieve their goal.  
We also make sure that the business they are buying can be financed to
maximize their potential investment and income.

The third, and probably the most important criterion, is making sure the
business is capable of generating sufficient income to satisfy the buyer’s

Once a proper business is located the buying process involves the following
  • Reviewing the financial information of the business,
  • Making an offer,
  • Negotiating and agreeing on the final price,
  • Reviewing the books of records (due diligence),
  • Signing the contract,
  • Bank financing,
  • Engineering/environmental review (if, necessary)
  • Review by attorney and other professionals
  • Closing.

Selling Process
Selling a business that you have worked all your life to build can be a
tricky venture. The market place is crowded with competing businesses and
you need the assistance of a professional, who knows the market place, o
properly evaluate your business and give you an accurate assessment of its
true value

We market your business with utmost confidentiality, to our pool of active
buyers, through local and national advertisement and the Internet.

We also provide financing for most of the businesses we sell through
several banks in the area, so that you will not have to take any risk and will
receive the entire sale price at closing.
Buying & Selling Process
"Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together"